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The seller will ship the ordered products to the buyer by trusted forwarding agents or courier services, to the address indicated by the buyer. In any case the goods are shipped upon receipt of payment and delivered exclusively within the national territory (SANUSCOMPANIES).
SANUSPRODUCTS are also sent abroad and shipped normally within the following time limits:

  • Italy: 1-3 days
  • EU: 3-6 days
  • Outside the EU: 6-12 days

The estimated delivery date is indicated directly in the online Shop, although some variations are possible. Whenever this date cannot be respected, the delivery must in any case be carried out within 30 days and the Partner Company (SANUSCOMPANY) must expressly inform the customer via email.

If the buyer is not found at the time of delivery, a second delivery attempt is generally made. If even the second attempt fails, the client is usually contacted directly to arrange another delivery date. If the customer is not reachable or the delivery is not possible for the third time, the package is normally returned to the seller. The customer will not be refunded the shipping costs. In the event that the customer requests a new delivery, the shipping costs are calculated again and must be paid before shipment. Any costs incurred to return the goods to the seller will also be charged to the customer. If the courier or forwarding agent is willing to make further delivery attempts, any additional costs will be borne by the buyer. The seller will not be responsible for delayed or failed delivery of the goods due to an inaccurate or incorrect address indicated by the buyer. Since the delivery of an order can involve multiple sellers and each SANUSCOMPANY is free to choose the courier or forwarding agent they prefer, the above procedure may be subject to change and should therefore only be considered as the standard procedure. Before each purchase, the seller submits to the buyer their General terms and conditions which the buyer must accept in order to proceed with the purchase.

Full information about shipping can be viewed or downloaded as a PDF file (Point 9, Conditions of delivery) at the following link.

  • SANUSSTORE General Terms and Conditions